Svaroge was started!ru

As I recall, half a yea ago I threatened to start IDE cloud service in a couple of weeks. It didn't happen.

Now I started Svaroge. But it's not a Cloud any more. It's a habit manager. and, moreover, extremely ugly and needs a lot of work.

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Start of Svarogeru

I'm at the half month from start new project from new cloud IDE for Ruby On Rails named Svaroge.

All details after half month.

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PIK. Ruby versioning in Windowsru

I insistenly recommend you to use unix-like systems in Ruby On Rails developing process, so, you'll need RVM for ruby version controlling.

But, if you wish to use and switch several ruby versions in windows, I recommend pik to you. I'll show you how to use pik below.

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RVM. Ruby versions in Linuxru

Ruby - dynamically developing programming language. New version of ruby/rails/gems coming to the world every few monthes.

Functionality and speed of rails apps growth in impossible level. But this make a trouble - there are a lot of conflicts between language/library versions.

How we can said to the bash which version of ruby, rails or other gem should we use? For this, Ruby Version Manager (RVM) created. There is a pik for windows.

I'll consider setting up and managing of ruby and gem versions by RVM.

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Creating of botnetru

I'm in the stage of creating my own botnet. It's for javascript training skills, self-PR and for the damaging lives of some evil spirits.

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Let it begin!ru

So, I deployed my blog

Domains are http://asiniy.ru and http://asiniy.com

In the nearest time:

  • Botnet
  • The blog's defense against DDoS & spam
  • Several articles about web development
  • English version of this site (if you can read it, that means this version works)

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